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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Hackers steal America-South Korea war plan.

North Korea accused American documents of stealing American-South Korea war plans

Hackers steal America-South Korea war plan.

New Delhi | Today, October 10, 2017 took away close to 235 GB data in the form of a hacker in North Korea, stole a large cache of military documents from South Korea. 

North Korea hackers steal America-South Korea war plan North Korea hackers steal America-South Korea war plan North Korea's hackers have stolen a large cash of military documents from South Korea. The ruling party MP said on Thursday that the data collected by the hackers in North Korea included Washington-Seoul's latest war plan. Giving information from unknown defense officials, Democratic Party representative Lee Chell-Hee said that in the Defense Integrated Data Center in September last year, hackers are planning to steal secret files as Operation Plan 5015 and 3100, Yonhap News Agency Have reported. 

The Opelan 5015 Oplan 5015 is the latest Seoul-Washington Plan to handle a all-war with Pyongyang. In this, detailed procedures to "beheaded" North Korean leadership include Seoul's plan to respond to the localized uprising of Opplan 3100 Oplan 3100 North. A large number of Li Cheol-O said that about 80 percent of the material has been identified with 235 gigabyte military documents.

 Apart from this, contingency plans for special forces of the South are also giving information about the report to the top commanders of the allies, major military facilities and power plants, he said. "The National Defense Ministry has not yet learned about the content of 182 gigabytes of total (theft) data," said Lee. Behind the hack, in May, the Defense Ministry's investigating officers said that the communist state was believed to be behind the hacking of Army Chief's online network. They did not tell which data was taken at that time. The cyber war hacking incident has demanded to be cautious about the possibility of adjusting its vigilance or war-time plans for allies to be called for allies based on stolen military documents. In recent years, Seoul is pushing for strengthening its cyber defense capabilities, as Pyongyang collects many attacks by collecting specially trained personnel, including those located in China and other foreign countries on South Korean companies and government websites. Has started. Pyongyang has denied the responsibility of cyber attacks, including the latest one, to raise seal to claim about online attacks.

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