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Thursday, October 5, 2017

History of Universe | Millions of sun.

History of Universe

History of Universe

A new research led by Indian scientist found that in the huge black hole of the galaxy, a balloon of gas came six million years ago and then a large bubble of millions of suns came out.

 With the help of Rogan Bordoloi and researchers, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope found that many remote quasars can be seen from the northern half part of the fungal bubble, ie the balloon of gases coming from the dark black hole of the galaxy. The Hubble Space Telescope examined the light of the quasars so that the information related to the speed of the gas could be obtained and it came to know that the gas is coming to Earth or moving away. Based on the speed of matter, the research team assessed that these bubbles made from an energy-intensive event were made about 60 to 90 million years ago.
               "In a human life, 60 to 90 million years may take a long time, but if talking about space time, then it is like a spinach spoon."

       To give an estimate of this measure, let us tell you that Brahman is about 13.7 billion years old. And Dinosaurs had disappeared about 6.6 million years ago.

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