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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

What is Real Diet Balance ? Fully Defined !

Real Diet Balance

  • What is Balance diet ?
All the nutritious substances in which we get carbohydrate, fats, proteins, vitamins etc. are called balanced diets.

According to balanced Diet chart We should take it as follows.
1. Fruits and vegetables -33%
2. Bread, other cereals and potatoes -33%
3. Milk and Dairy Foods -15%
4. Meat, Fish Alternative -12% 
5. Fatty and Sugary foods -7%

1. Advantages of drinking hot lukewarm water first in the morning.

a. Blood Purification 
b. Good Digestion power 

2. Take juice, milk or sprout at breakfast time.
a.Children can take either milk or juice.
b. Elders should take juice instead of milk, so you will never be fat.

3. Two roti green vegetables in lunch time.
a. If you are thick then do not take pulses and if you are thin then take pulses.
b. Take salad of cucumber, tomato etc.

4. Evening Breakfast Time.
a. You can take any fruit or Eat only one fruit a day.

5. Take Dinner 2 or 3 hours before sleeping at night.
a. Take a roti, green vegetables, pulses, rice in the dinner.

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