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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

US embassy in Khashogi murder case: 21 Saudi officials will be canceled.

khushogi murder case

  • Turkey's President Erdogan claims - on 28th September, Saudi Arabians had created a conspiracy to murder
  • Khashogi, who went to the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul on October 2, was missing since
  • The investigation revealed that 15 members of the team from Saudi Arabia came to Istanbul on October 2, returned after the murder.

Washington / Ankara The US has taken action for the first time on Saudi Arabia for the assassination of American newspaper Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashogi. The US has said that the American visa will be abolished for the Saudi officers involved in the murder. The action to finish the visa was made after the claim of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan had said that Khashogi was killed in Saudi Embassy. Its conspiracy was hatched on September 28. Khashogi's body parts were recovered from the garden in the house of the Saudi ambassador in Istanbul. He was murdered on October 2 in the Saudi Council of Istanbul.

21 Saudi officials were identified

1.The US State Department said: - We have identified 21 Saudi officials, whose visas will be abolished and will never be issued in the future. External Affairs Minister Mike Pompey said that this ban is not a final action. Further further disclosures, we will take other steps. America will not tolerate violence against a journalist.

Erdogan said - We have evidence related to murder

2. The Turkish President says that in order to complete the murder, a team of 15 members had come to Istanbul on October 2. Erdogan termed this matter a 'political assassination'. He said that Turkey's Security Service also has enough evidence.

3. Khashogi wanted to marry his girlfriends living in Turkey. To carry out necessary paperwork, he went to the Saudi council in Istanbul on October 2, after which he went missing. On October 20, Saudi had confessed to the murder of Khashogi during the interrogation.

4. According to Turkish newspaper Hurriyat Daily News, Erdogan said that Khashogi Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia used to criticize Muhammad bin Salman. For this reason he was murdered. Other countries should also be involved in investigating this matter.

5. Turkey's investigating officers said that on 28 September Khashogi had reached Istanbul and had gone to Saudi councils. There he was asked to come back on October 2. President Erdogan claims that Saudi had created the conspiracy to assassinate journalist on September 28.

6. According to the investigators, on one October three Saudi nationals arrived in Istanbul. At the same time, on October 2, another group of 15 people came to Istanbul and went to the Saudi council. It has been revealed in the investigation that the new team from Saudi Arabia had removed the hard disk of the security cameras in the council.

7. On the afternoon of October 2, Khashogi went to the council and did not see again, while his fiancé was waiting outside the council for a night until 1 p.m. However, officials of Saudi Arabia continued to deny the information about the journalist

8. Erdogan said, "I asked King Salman of Saudi Arabia to form a joint team to investigate on October 14, so that our officials could go inside the embassy. After 17 days, Saudi Arabia admitted that Khashogi was murdered in the Council. "

9. According to the Turkish president, we disclosed the 18-member Saudi party involved in the murder. Those people were now arrested in Saudi. Proofs and information reveal that Khashogi was brutally killed.

Saudi King and Crown Prince Salman from Khashogi's family

10. King Salman and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad bin Salman met the families of Washington Post's journalist Khashogi in Riyadh on Tuesday. According to the local news agency, the rulers of Saudi Arabia interacted with Khashogi's son Advice and brother Sahel in the royal palace.

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