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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Getting out of the house is difficult Because my look is like a Barbie Doll.

My look is like a Barbie Doll

Angelica kenova

The beauty of every human being becomes its identity.A Russian girl looks like a doll,and her family members troubled by her beauty.

Angelica Kenova, living in Russia, is so beautiful that she looks like a Barbie doll. As a child, Angelica was so beautiful and cute that people called her doll. Now she has been 30 years old but his beauty is still alive today. As Angelica grew up, her beauty grew more and more. Now people call them Barbie dolls.At the beginning she liked them too and she himself used to dress like a doll, but slowly slowly due to his beauty, his friends would burn her Beauty.

She never got any surgery.

There are many people who praise her, he is also joking about his jokes.Seeing their perfect figure and beauty, people also believe that they have given this form by resorting to plastic surgery.Understanding the desire to look like a dollar, people also tense on them. Angelica says she did not resort to any kind of surgery,She is natural in such a way that his dressing senses are such that he becomes active like a doll.There is no harm in this, but who explain the people who have such ideas on their beauty.

Feeling afraid to go out.

Whenever Angelica goes out of the house, people begin to stare at them, which has an effect on them that they are now scared to go out.Parents also advised the daughter to go out of the house. Angelica's needs are brought by her parents only.Angelica says that because of the logo I have to be in captivity in a way.

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