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Monday, October 15, 2018

Break a lane of Patna's Mahatma Gandhi bridge.

Break a lane of Patna's Mahatma Gandhi bridge.

PATNA: It may take some time for the work to break a lane of Patna's Mahatma Gandhi bridge.However, the company that got the job of breaking and building the bridge has completed its preparation.

At the same time, the government has not got an official letter to hand over the bridge to the company. How to break the bridge and what to do with the scrap coming out of it, the company has also completed its preparation for this.

More than 5 hundred people of the company are engaged in daily work. The company is also making full arrangements for the living of its personnel. When Dakshin Bhaskar talked about breaking the bridge and making it again, the Dakshin Bhaskar came to know that he did not get the official letter of bridge handover.

It may take up to 10 days for the process to come in the letter. Even after 5 days, the company may be in its preparation. In this situation, it may take 15 days to break the work.

It is very serious for the environmental department to break down the bridge when the garbage and scraps are dropped in the Ganges. For this, the company has also made its own preparations. The bridge will be cut with a diamond cutter and bombed in its boulder water by automatic lift on the bark. When the barge is full, the boulder will be loaded into trucks and brought to the base camp by bringing it to the shore.

The lane that passes from Hajipur to Patna is to break first. For this, it is preparing to start the work of getting the number 3 from Patna. There will be a very strong war-tornown where the bridge is to be broken down right there. Cut the pieces of the bridge with diamond cutter and will be dropped down on the tarpole. Tarpole will be packed and filled in the truck and sent to a crusher made in the base camp.

Afcon Infrastructure Limited will work here for nearly three years. Only a small town has been settled in the Chaukiya village of Teresia Diya. Here the office of the company is there and everything here is available for the convenience of the personnel.

It has not happened anywhere in the country that the bridge should be made from broken scraps. But the company crushes the scrap from the bridge and crashes it in a standard size to the Bihar Road Construction Department. RCD will use this crush material to make use of the road. The quality of this crush material will be that the road formed by it will be stronger than the road.

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