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Monday, October 29, 2018

The best 5 android games in the world that you might have ever played.

The world of Android phones has now made children crazy in this way. Even small children also learn to read and write later but learn to run Android phones quickly. The reason for this is the game of Android phones. There has been more than one game in Android phones that has lured the children towards themselves, as well as the elders.

The best 5 android games in the world

1. Sniper Strike
Sniper Strike is a fighting game. In this game, a lot of weapons and enemies also have lots of weapons on your player. In this game the player uses all his powers to kill the enemies and cross the level. This is a fantastic fighting game. In this game, the player needs to have accurate mind to win. Nowadays, young Android users like to play fighter games that are played with tricks and strategies. This is a perfect game for the people. This game has also been chosen as the Best Android Game of the year 2018.
the best 5 android game in the world
Sniper Strike
2. The metal wings
The metal wings game is very special for the metal wings that have the power to fight and go to the army. This game also has to fight with enemies like the soldiers of the army. In this game, your player has a lot of skill and machine, with the help of which you have to move ahead with fighting with the enemies. Children like this game as well as young people as well.
 the best 5 android games in the world
The metal Wings

3.Captain tsubasa: Dream Team 
Captain Subasa: Dream Team is a very fun and exciting game. In this game you can create a team of favorite players. You can also create a favorite and imaginary team in this game. After choosing your team and your players, this game can be played with any other users in the world. It's great and great game. If you run Android smartphones and you are a loser of the game then you must play this game once.
the best 5 android game in the world
Captain Tsubasa 
4. Bid Wars
Bid War is a very interesting game. Speech and war Junk for the quote, this is how it is in this game. This game is auctioned and the player who plays is trying to make the biggest deal by bidding the most. By doing this around the world, you get very good points in the game. This is a very great game for those interested in bidding.
the best 5 android games in the worlds
Bid Wars 
5. Real Kung Fu Ninja Fighter
In this game you have to fight with the enemies using the stunning Ninjas skils and for your player. This game is quite easy, while it has lots of turnover and texts. Fighting in this game to win and running to survive is the main task. Children who see cartoons like to play it.
the best 5 games in the world
Real kung Fu Ninza fighter

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