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Monday, October 15, 2018

The biggest news related to driving licenses.

The biggest news related to driving licenses, please read

The biggest news related to driving licenses.

New Delhi: If you have to run a car, a bike or a truck, it will not work without a driver's license.

 Now if your DL is from UP or Delhi and nowadays you live in Mumbai or any other city in the country, how will your DL transfer? If you want to transfer your DL, please read this post. You may be left out of the hassle of DL Transfer.

DL in any state is valid throughout the country

If you have made a driver's license in either state of the country for two or four wheeler, then first of all know that wherever you are in the futures, but your DL will never be transferred, it is just renewed. The second most important thing in DL's case is that your DL is made from anywhere, it is valid throughout the country. That is, Delhi or UP from Delhi, you can easily drive trains from Mumbai to Chennai without any problems.

DL never transfers, it is just renewable

Let's assume that now you have left your old home town completely and settled in another city or metro city. So you may need your DL turn state so it's easy to renew in the future. In this condition, you will need to bring NOC, ie no-objection certificates, from the first authority issuing DL. By showing this, you can make your new DL on your current location.

However, for this process of taking NOC from the Government Department, you will have to go to the Office of the Oriental Insurance Authority. That is, in this work you may have to spend a lot of time along with time (at least 30 days). Then leave it all and take the best way to follow it.

Making a new DL is easier than a State Transfer

In order to transfer your old DL, you have to make a mistake by taking the NOC from the original issuing authority, for that you should forget the old DL and make a new DL on current location. We are not saying this but a senior officer of Transport Department has said that this is the way. To do this, you have to create a learning license on current location.

The special thing is that due to having a valid DL already, you will get a discount from the test for learning DL. To create a new DL on current location, here is an easy way to create a driving license. Once your learning license has been created, you will also become your permanent license after 30 days. It is essential that you have to give a driving test to make Permanent License, which is not a difficult task for you.

This means that even if you are thinking of transferring your DL, it is easier to make a learning and permanent license rather than run away and wait for the NOC to get the DL transfer from the original issuing authority.

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