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Sunday, October 28, 2018

What is liquid Rainbow ?

Nature has given Earth the most beautiful and exciting things. One of these is the five-color river, which changes its color every year according to the weather.
Liquid rainbow river

The name of this river is Cano Crystals. This river flows in Colombia. These unique arts of nature which offers surprises everyone and people would not believe in once the charisma. The Cano Crystal River length is about 100 kilometers and the width is about 20 meters.

Color changes from June to November

The Cano Crystal River flows in the countryside of Sarania de la Mackerea in Colombia. Which is found in the river Guayabero? This phenomenon of changing the color of the Cano Crystal River appears in a few weeks between June and November.

The famous name of this river is called Liquid Rainbow

At a particular time, the color of the Cano Crystal River becomes red, blue, yellow, green, or orange. Therefore, this river is also known as Liquid Rainbow or River with five colors. Before 2000, there were some groups of violent activities here, but now the military has occupied it here. Anyone here can roam comfortably without fear.

Color changes due to plants

Actually it's amazing, In fact it is amazing a Makarania Clavigera name of plant.The color of this river, which, in certain weather conditions, is fixed water and certain amount of sunlight, the color of this river is light or dark pink, light or dark red, but sometimes its color is blue, yellow, Orange, and green, also happens.

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