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Saturday, October 20, 2018

What is the order of the High Court? On the GST refund case.

Court seeks response from GST refund figures.

High court order on GST refund case
GST Refund case

  • High Court Order :- Government giving the status of settled and pending claims.

New Delhi - After the questions of industry on the data presented by the Central Government on Goods and Services Tax (GST) Refund, the court has now asked the government to respond. The Delhi High Court has asked the central government that how many claims and claims of GST refund have been filed at the level of the central and state level so far? How many of these are pending and how many refunds have been issued.
The bench of Justice Sanjeev Khanna and Justice Chandrashekhar has filed a copy of affidavit in the 8 weeks from the Government on the petition of the Delhi Sales Tax Bar Association (STBA).

  • Claims made by the government are made up of huge differences.
There is confusion about the GST refund. There is considerable difference between the claims of industries and the government. Sanjay Sharma, former chairman of STBA, has expressed the hope that now the situation in the court will be clear when the affidavit is filed with the government. The recent claim of the finance ministry regarding GST refund is being suspected that a refund of nearly Rs 71,000 crore has already been issued.
The Bar Association has already challenged this government's claim to the court. Now the statistics that are coming up are more dangerous. The organization of exporters is saying that there is still a refund of about 22,000 crore pending. Second and the Government says that only 2077 crore's refund of input tax credit (ITC) is pending. The government is medicating to settle the claims of 92.68% claims.

  • Those who do not give the benefit of the deduction will be examined.
The Income Tax Department is investigating several companies in the matter of not giving benefit to the GST deficit to the customers. These companies try to keep the advantage of tax deduction itself to the tax. In the first round of the investigation, ED will conduct FMCG, real estate and consumer products, which will have direct impact on the customer. After this, ED can also check telecommunications and banking sectors.
There is a condition of anti-profits in GST that, according to new taxes, the companies had to provide the benefit of savings to the customers.

Check the GST Law and order different State wise.

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