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Thursday, December 27, 2018

How to protect your kids with Google Family link's App | latest Security Feature 2018 | Google

You can decide what information you want to get from Family Link

Google Family Link's parental control

Managing Notifications

When you manage your child's 'Google Account', you can decide if you want to receive notifications via email or the Family Link app.

Note: Some notifications can not be turned off.

Open the Family Link app Family Link.
In the top left, tap on 'menu' and then Click on notifications.
For every child, turn notifications on or off.
If the notifications are on, decide what type of notifications you want to get.
You can also change your notification settings from the web:


Click menu and then Click notification settings.
For every child, turn notifications on or off.
Such information that you can get
By default, parents may receive notifications about the things described below:

Applications: When your child requests or installs a new application.
Website Request
: When your child requests Google Chrome access to the site that you have blocked.
Activity Control
: When your child or another parent changes your child's Google activity settings.
Location setting
: When another parent changes the location setting of your child's Android device.

Note: Family Link's parental inspection services may vary according to your child's device.
Read Full Installation Process 

Google has launched its Google Family Link App in India
This app is a parent control software especially for smart phones, that parents can set some ground rules on their children's smartphone users.

Parents with Google Family Links can view Monthly and Weekly Reports of their children's smartphones, It also allows parents to set limits for using maximum hours.

With all regulation made by parents, App also gives children the chance to be removed from their parents' super vision. In this case, the app will notify the parents first and if the parents refuse, then the app will lock the phone. Unless children do not absorb super vision

 So if you also want to use this app and are wondering how to set up Super Vision then follow the guide given below.

Google Family Link Apps feature

Screen Time Limit -- The parent will help monitor their children how much time the children are spending on the phone.

Kid's activities and Site activities can track

 you can access and request the services your kids are using, and with that you can authorize your app purchases.

How To Set Up And Use Google Family Link Apps

1. Download Google Family Link App for Parents from Google Play Store.
2. Sign in with your Google Account.
3. Create a Google Account for your child (which should be less than 13 years old).
4. Download the app on your child's device.
5. Enter the code generated in the parent device into the child's phone.
6. Parents can set the screen time limit when both devices are connected, can approve and disallow any app and lock the phone too.

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